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Choosing Quality Products

Choosing Quality Products

Here at Sydney Power House we are committed to quality. That’s why builders help all of our clients in choosing quality products, that deliver value too. When considering what products to choose it’s important to consider the nature of your building, the location, your budget and the environment. Sometimes innovative products have not been tried and tested in certain environments such as near the beaches of Eastern Suburbs where salt can be an issue. Other times, not only are some new innovative products more cost efficient and environmentally friendly, but they are also lightweight which can be particularly useful for certain types of construction such as second story additions.

When you appoint Sydney Power House as your builder, these are some of the factors we will help you consider in choosing quality products:

  • Warranty – the warranty provided on building products is critical. When suggesting building products, we don’t only consider the advertised warranty, we consider the track record of the company, its strength and industry reputation.
  • Longevity – building products need to stand the test of time. We think about how it will look after five and ten years, not just how it will look on completion or a year or two after.
  • The inner components – whether it be bras tap fittings as opposed to plastic, or Termite Protected Timber, it’s important to consider what is inside, not just what it looks like.
  • Innovation – It’s important to select the appropriate building product for each individual situation. We always remain update with the latest products and trends and provide different options to all of our clients.

When choosing quality building products the team at Sydney Power House is here to help. We provide advice throughout the building process from the ground up. We also strike the right balance of understanding that the final finishes and aesthetics of your renovation or building project are up to you, whilst ensuring you we deliver a quality result for the long term.
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